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General Introduction

General Introduction

General Introduction

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1. Product Introduction

Basic Information:

Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel is a high-class building and decorative materials laminated with high-temperature adhesive film and aluminum corrugated core. It is a new, light-weight and ECO building materials. The advantages of Aluminum Corrugated Panel are rigidity, super flatness, good fire-resistance, strong strength.


For aluminum sheet: Aluminum Alloy 3003H16-H18
For aluminum corrugated core: Aluminum Alloy 1100H16/H24


Regular Size (W*L*T)

1,220*2,440*6 mm

Max. Size(W*L*T)

1,600*12,000*30 mm

Regular Thickness

4/6/8/10/12/15 mm

Available Thickness

4 - 15 mm

Corrugated Core Thickness

0.2 - 0.5 mm

Regular Surface Treatment

PVDF, PE, Powder Coating, Anodized, etc.


Yes (customized)


Ceiling, Roofing, interior decoration of train, bus, ship, truck body, etc.


Yes (color, surface texture, size, shape, pattern, etc.)

Hongzan Existing Mould of Corrugated Core:

Different Kinds of Corrugated Core:

Different Kinds of Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel:

2. Application:

Compare with solid aluminum sheet, the flatness and rigidity of aluminum corrugated composite panel will be much stronger because of the corrugated core inside. The various applications of aluminum corrugated composite panel are as below.

* ceiling
* roofing
* container house
* interior decoration of train, bus, ship
* truck body
* other indoor and outdoor application

3. Certificates:
Hongzan has obtained international recognized certificates and test reports for aluminum honeycomb panel related to Fire rate, sound insulation, and so on, E.G.:
1), ISO 9001:2008;
2), A class fire rate by Lloyd's ( Marine Association) ;
3), BS 476 ,475 by TUV PSD Singapore;
4), EN13501-1 by ITS;
5), ASTM by ITS.

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